Product Review: Seaward Princess 2-burner Stainless Steel Range

Now that I’ve lived in the tiny house for almost two months, I plan to begin posting reviews of the many appliances and products I chose to furnish our house with.

One of my favorite things about my tiny house is our great little propane stove and oven. Many, many people have asked for details about what model it is and where to get it. So let’s get that done right off the bat!” – Alek

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A Peek Inside a Hornby Island Caravan

It all started with the British version of Country Living magazine.  That’s where I first saw pictures of gypsy vardos and fell completely, madly, deeply… well I really, really liked them a lot.  Even the most simple caravans have such charm to them.  The ones I have visited are really the most lovely, warm, inviting little spaces I’ve ever been in.  And so I was hooked.  But still, it took a while for my interest in caravans to turn to thoughts of a career since I was pretty happy and comfortable making my living as a clay artist.  And then one day it just seemed silly not to make caravans, after all it combined so many of my interests and previous experiences in building, art and design.

So here I am building caravans, with the help of my husband Lawrence Nyberg, who lends a hand when it’s  needed, acts as a sounding board for my ideas and is a great support in general- he is a very fine luthier the rest of the time.” – Hornby Island Caravans-About us.

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A Tiny Range for A Tiny House

We cook a lot, so our consumption of gas for cooking fuel is and, without an alternative, will continue to be substantial.  While our tiny woodstove will allow us to relieve ourselves of the “need” for natural gas heating, which here in Burlington is the norm given our connection to a major supply line that comes from far away Alberta, Canada enroute to New York City, another recent find will allow us to eliminate our use of natural gas, propane and electricity for cooking. Enter the Swedish-designed and EU manufactured Origo 6000 Alcohol Range.  Designed primarily for marine applications, this range is specially designed to burn various forms of alcohol.” – Kai

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Ye Olde Pipsqueak for Casita Bella

Pix is building a tiny house and will use a wood stove for some of her heating. She’s chosen a tiny stove from Salamander Stoves.

“It weighs only maybe 40 lbs and sits upon its own cast iron base. It has a dial on the side for airflow and the whole thing is enameled a deep dynamic blue-teal color. (See pics below of course.) It’s truly the tiniest stove I think you can get for human use. I went to our wood pile and picked out the smallest pieces I could. They didn’t fit. Actually only twigs were small enough, or if I had had some round butts.”

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Wall Tents

In my internet travels this week I ran across wall tents and thought they looked like great low cost temporary housing solutions. I was especially interested in the little low-cost stoves they sell, but sadly they are not intended for indoor cabin use… just for wall tents.

Wall Tents