Straw Bale

Cheap & Efficient Straw Bale Dome Home

…this is a fun project and if it will survive the winter, then we will start working on a bigger and better house. Overall this is really a cheap, easy to build and efficient house type.” – Jetijs See and read more about this Green, cheap and efficient straw bale dome home

House Of Straw

Perhaps the first Little Pig was right all along. In a demonstration about how to build a simple structure made entirely of recyclable or reusable materials, a small Parisian architecture firm called Studio 1984 chose straw as the main building material, designing a cozy, 15-square-meter “nest” that even the Big Bad Wolf would have to …

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Tiny Straw Bale Cabins

The options available with styles, building techniques, and materials used to create tiny houses are various (vive la différence!). Some tiny homes rest on solid foundations while others are on trailers. Some are modern in style and others more rustic. The list goes on and there is something out there for everyone.” – Gabriella Morrison Continue …

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Oikos Studio Cottage

This is a new design concept from Craig, a fellow tiny house dreamer. It’s a modified straw bale that uses low cost corrugated steel on the walls and roof. A wood stove plus passive solar design would provide the heat. Oikos Studio Cottage