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15 Salinas High Students Build Tiny House

…the house they designed and built is 12-by-18 feet and stands 16 feet tall. The 15 Salinas High students plus three from Hartnell College have been working on an internship this summer at Hartnell’s Alisal Campus, Chuck Felice said.” – Dave Nordstrand, The Salinas Californian Read more about Thinking big about a tiny house. Photo by Dave […]

High School Students Learn by Building a Tiny House for The Homeless

Instead of building a shed like they usually do, students in Todd Faulhaber’s introduction to construction class at Madison La Follette High School this semester are going a little farther to learn basic building techniques. They’re also learning about homelessness by building a tiny house for Occupy Madison’s OM Build project.” – Pat Schneider for […]

The Independence – Built by High School Students in California

A 98 square feet tiny house on wheels built by high school students in California. More info. here.” – Tiny House Swoon Read and see more at Tiny House Swoon…

Architecture Students Design Shedworking Spaces

Looks like the Ducks are making nests. (Sorry I couldn’t resist… I did one year of art grad school there… so I’m a little part duck too.) Go Ducks! “The idea is to make creative space available in town on currently under used commercial or industrial locations as an investment in arts-based economic development. University […]

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