Weekend Cabin in Mase, Switzerland

Located a few ridges over from Verbier and across the valley from Crans-Montana, the second home is in the heart of Switerland’s epic ski country. The owners saved the granary from demolition, charged Savioz Fabrizzi with preservation, and directed the living space to be on the ground floor, rather than the top.” – adventure journal

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Solvay Hut – Tiny House Tucked into a Ridge on The Matterhorn in Switzerland

The Hörnligrat is one of the most famous ridges in all of mountaineering, the beautiful, dramatic, and remarkable aesthetic northeast ridge of the Matterhorn. And tucked in the middle of the Hörnligrat is one of the most dramatically located cabins anywhere in the world — the Solvay Hut.” – adventure journal

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Is This Swiss Alpine Cabin Concrete or Wood?

Unlike most cabins, this one is constructed almost entirely from concrete as opposed to wood. Located in the Swiss Alps near the city Chur, the cabin boasts an usual exterior façade that has been sculpted in such a way so as to mimic the appearance of wood from a distance.The compact retreat has been designed by Georg Nikisch and Selina Walder, is a stark contrast to the more tradition Swiss cabins, which are typically much larger and mainly constructed from wood.” – Niall

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Helicoptered Home – 5 Minute Set Up

Here’s an example or extreme prefab… pre-build the whole house and fly it in.

“In remote lake-and-hill country within Switzerland, building on site is often not an option – some spots are, at best, accessible only by motorcycle, small car or boat. This house was dropped off and installed in record speed.”

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