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Hideaway Table – Might Make a Fun DIY Project

This clever foldaway table from Ivy Design reminded me of a similar idea in James Hennesey and Victor Papanek’s classic 70s DIY furniture book Nomadic Furniture. Would be an easy remake.” – Sean via Table folds up into picture frame when not in use | MAKE. Photo by Ivy Design.

Have Your Bed & Eat There Too!

When the bed’s up the room becomes a dining area or home office, making the TableBed a perfect space extender for a studio or even a home office that sees guests only once in a blue moon. Inova smartly included a recessed mirror as well, “to expand the sense of space in the room.” – Apartment […]

There’s Lots of Function Packed below the Raised Bed in This Sheep Wagon

We built Old Style boxes on both sides – and a drop down tail gate. Inside is a neat antique style cabinet and plenty of drawers for storage” – Idaho Sheep Camp See more of this Sheep Wagon with Antique Wood Spoke Wheels.

As If From Nowhere: Bookcase Conceals 2 Tables, 4 Chairs | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

This is a clever space saving solution that could be built into a tiny house. “A spare table and chairs can always come in handy, and theoretically should not have to take up much space – but short of cheap folding varieties, there are few solid-structure alternatives for such situations.” Read more at As If From […]

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