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A Visit from Dee Williams

Yesterday, our friends Dee Williams and Joan Grimm drove from Portland, Oregon to the ranch with a cute little house in tow. They are driving to Oakland for a tiny house workshop this weekend and the ranch was the perfect stopover point.” – Tammy Strobel via Happy Links: From a Tiny House Campout to Wild

A Book Giveaway + The Blog Tour

Tammy’s new book is now available. You can enter to win a copy on her website. “Today, I’m giving away THREE signed and stamped copies of my new book, You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap)! ”” Visit her website to enter A Book Giveaway + The Blog Tour — go small, think big & […]

Tammy Strobel on Rented Spaces

Tammy from Rowdy Kittens has a new blogging gig at Aol’s Rented Spaces where she’s been writing about simple living in small spaces. Her latest post is on a Tiny Prefab apartment building project in Berkeley and San Francisco. You can also read about this particular prefab apartment at Tiny House Blog. Tammy Strobel on […]

Portland Tiny Homes

Tammy Strobel from RowdyKittens just did a guest post on Tiny House Blog about these great little houses in Portland. They were built by Jeff and Brad who make an extra effort to reuse and recycle while creating these tiny habitable works of art. Portland Tiny Homes

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