Do You Dream of Living Debt Free in the Desert?

Kirsten Dirksen visited John Wells at The Field Lab in the middle of nowhere, Texas. The nearest stoplight is 160 miles away from John’s place, and he prefers it that way. This video tour with Kirsten was made a few years ago, but John is still living happily debt-free in the desert.

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School of Life Success Story

Bryce Langston – from Living Big In A Tiny House – visits with Tamra, Jt, and their son Kalon Sage. They have land in Colorado and Texas and spend six months a year in Colorado and can spend the other six months exploring North America or living on their land in Texas.

Many communities have legal limits for how long you can live on your own land in a mobile dwelling like a tiny house on wheels, travel trailer, etc. In this particular Colorado location six months is the limit. Since raw land is relatively inexpensive and their bus conversion is self-contained, they can simply afford to travel or spend half the year at their place in Texas.  This is an excellent option open to many tiny house on wheels owners.

Jt works from home in a small shed home office steps away from the bus. Tamra is currently busy as a full-time mom. This alternative lifestyle gives them time to be home with Kalon Sage and the mountain location gives them a great natural setting to raise their son together.

In the video below they report that their bus conversion cost them just under $20,000 – not including labor. In the construction they used a lot of up-cyced materials like cabinets & countertops from a kitchen remodel, wood framing, and interior sheathing.

Tamra wanted a large kitchen and Jt wanted a wood stove – so they built exactly what they wanted. The bathroom is split in two with the hall to the bedroom between the Nature’s Head composting toilet and stainless steel shower. The bedroom in the back has the same queen size bed they had in the 2,000 square foot home from which they downsized.

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Drinking Rainwater

John Wells lives in a tiny house in the desert… at The Field Lab. In this friday video he shows us how simple it is to filter rainwater. Sure… you could buy a Berkey and do the same thing… but as usual, John shows us the simpler, cheaper, and better way. Learn more about The Field Lab.

Hip East Side Tiny Pad Retreat in Austin

Ever wanted to stay in a tiny house? How about a custom made, one-of-a-kind tiny house with all the amenities of a home, the convenience of a downtown hotel room, the green features you appreciate, and the artistic factor that will make you say WOW?” –

See more of this Hip East Side Tiny Pad Retreat in Austin. Photos via Love the stairs!

A Stolen Tiny House Has Been Returned to Its Owner!

A Texas couple have been reunited with their tiny house after it was stolen just before Christmas. “It was depressing, devastating, made me angry and shocked all at the same time,” said Casey Friday. He and his wife are advocates for green living and had invested two and half years and $35,000 intobuilding a tiny home from the ground up. However just days before Christmas someone stole it from their property in Spring Branch.” –

See the interview with Casey Friday about A stolen tiny house has been returned to its owner. Also read some of Casey’s tips for securing your tiny house from theft. Photos by Casey Friday.

Jay Austin built the home of his dreams – he just can’t live there – unless he moves it to Texas!

For now, Jay Austin is allowed to build the home of his dreams – he just cant live there. The Matchbox has become a part-time residence and a full-time showpiece. The community of tiny houses at Boneyard Studios are periodically displayed to the public in the hopes of changing a zoning authority that hasnt updated a zoning code in 56 years.” – ReasonTV on YouTube

Watch Jay Austin’s Beautiful, Illegal Tiny House – YouTube. Imagery by ReasonTV.

Off the Grid in the West Texas Desert

John Wells built the shell of this one-room shack over nine days in 2007; now his 60-acre homestead, deep in the West Texas desert, includes four shipping containers under an arched metal roof, nine water tanks, a solar shower and a solar oven.” – The New York Times

See more of this house Off the Grid in the West Texas Desert at Photo by Tony Cenicola for The New York Times