Debt Freedom from Tiny House Living

Amie and her husband are now debt free, have a successful online business, and are selling their tiny home to travel the world full time. All of this came from taking the tiny house plunge. Amie tells the story in the video below. Learn how to start your own nutrition business on Aimee’s website. To learn more about this tiny house, visit Tiny House Listings.


Video and image from Tiny House Listings.

Challenges & Benefits of Tiny House Living – Couple Shares Experience

“Nicky and Judy decided that a tiny house on wheels would be the ideal solution for the next stage in their lives: retirement. The low cost of living a minimalist lifestyle in 175 square feet allows Nicky to work less (Judy is already retired), and it allows them to enjoy living in their dream home, but with the option of moving to a new location if they so desire.” – Exploring Alternatives

Screenshots from video via Exploring Alternatives.

Designing and Installing a Rain Water Catchment System

Learn more about catching rain water for large, small, and tiny house living.

“Many people go with below ground tanks but that requires different tanks, and the added cost of digging not to mention the disruption to the landscape, and the added factor of pumping the water back up to the point of use.”

via Alt. Build Blog: Designing And Installing A Rain Water Catchment System.