Tiny House Magazine Issue 46 is Now Available

On the cover of the latest issue (#46) of Tiny House Magazine is Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House. (btw… This house has also been entered in the Tiny House of the Year Competition – and public voting begins November 1, 2016.)

Issue 46 of Tiny House Magazine also includes topics like:

  • Perch & Nest, the Tiny House Builders of the Month
  • An interview with Tiny House Trailblazers on the issues facing people of color in the alternative housing world.
  • A book review by Jennifer Meyer of Ryan Mitchell’s latest work.
  • Artist Dominique Moody discusses the inspiration behind her NOMAD tiny house.

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Inside Issue 31 – Tiny House Magazine

These stories and more are in Issue 31 of the Tiny House Magazine.

  • Places and Spaces is the feature article in Issue 31. One of the most appealing attributes of the tiny house lifestyle is mobility – home is where you park it. The story features folks who’ve traded in corporate life and mortgages for a tinier life.
  • Gabriella Morrison writes about Living the Good Life and How Tiny House Living Allowed Us to Create Our Dream Lives.
  • Malissa Tack shares how to live in a tiny house with pets.
  • Jenna and Guillaume are now up in Alaska after traveling across the country. They share the true costs of towing a tiny home.

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A Peek Inside Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

Below is a peek inside issue 19 of Tiny House Magazine – a regular publication from the folks at Tiny House Blog.

The stock tank, normally used to feed or water cattle, horses, and other large stock animals, has shown up in the interior design magazines as the shabby chic version of a bathtub” – Christina Nellemann

In this month’s issue of Tiny House Magazine, I want to share with you the secrets I’ve learned from using and maintaining a composting toilet.” – Logan Smith

When I made the decision to become a tiny houser, I really made the commitment… When you fully commit internally, you still have fears, they just don’t win the fight. I spent a lot of time thinking about, and feeling my way into what it would be like to own and live in a tiny house. I let my imagination lead the way, and you should too.” – Ryan Harris

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 14 – Available for iPad & in PDF Format

Tiny House Magazine Issue 14 is finally out officially on both platforms PDF and the iPad version. Fifty-nine pages of great content, thanks to all the great contributors. Personally I think this is the best issue yet and each new issue seems to get better and better. Here is a peak at the cover and table of contents.” – Kent

Learn more about Tiny House Magazine Issue 14…

Alex’s Top 7 Tiny House Books for 2013

This year a lot has happened in the world of tiny houses including quite a bit of new books. In this post I wanted to share some of my new favorites with you along with some of the classics.

The Cultivating Contentment Challenge

Over the last few days the idea of being a tiny houser who lives in an ever commercialized and material world has been on my mind. This is because Steven Harrell wrote to me with the tidy heading “cultivating contentment” after he published my last article at Tiny House Listings.