Tiny House Village Scenes from The Auburn Fall Home Show

We’re just back from a quick visit to The Auburn Fall Home Show, in Auburn, California – where they’ve setup a tiny house village that showcases a number of tiny houses. If you’re in northern California this weekend you might want to take the drive up I-80 and have a look.

The organizers will be giving away one of the tiny homes on wheels on display too. The first photo is of the giveaway house. You must be present to enter, learn more on giveaway sponsor’s website.

We especially liked this vardo, custom built by Tiny Idahomes for the folks at China Rose Wellness.

Below are more photos of what you’ll see. Learn more.

Hummingbird Micro Homes Now Planning Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village may well be the first micro home village in Canada. Several micro villages exist or are in progress in California, Washington and Texas. To date, Hummingbird has built eight micro homes of which five were commissioned by clients. They have orders for six more.” – Vancouver Sun

Source: Need a house? Think small … no, smaller.  You can also learn more about Hummingbird Micro Homes on their website.

Tiny House at Quixote Village – A Cure for Homelessness

Quixote Village, as it is now called, practices self-governance, with elected leadership and membership rules. While a nonprofit board called Panza funds and guides the project, needing help is not the same thing as being helpless. As Mr. Johnson likes to say, “I’m homeless, not stupid.”” – NYTimes.com

Read the full story about Small World, Big Idea at NYTimes.com. Photo credit to the New York Times.