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Tiny House Magazine Holiday Issue

Issue twelve of the Tiny House Magazine is ready and hot off the electronic press. This is our first holiday issue. In this issue we explore some unique tree houses built in the wilds of Oregon in Kirsten Dirksen’s video. Logan Smith takes us through the decision process of building a tiny house.” – Kent […]


I have been building the ARC for the last four years, starting as an eighteen foot flat bed trailer. It boasts a true radius roof line with a copper top, leaded glass windows and an old tudor door. It’s built on a 10K flat bed trailer I purchased new. I cantilevered the back 18″ and 24″ out […]

Micro Teardrop – Silver Tears Camper

The Davis Design Workshop is dedicated to creating and developing custom furniture, fine pieces, and just about anything you can think of. This same craftsmanship is present throughout each Silver Tears camper.The teardrop camper. An instant classic when it first hit the American highway in the 40s.” – Kent Read and see more at Tiny […]

The Silo by Wheelhaus

The Silo was designed to move. Measuring 41 feet in length and 8 feet 6 inches in width, it is surprisingly lightweight, very easy to transport and affordable to ship. Retro meets modern on the Silo’s exterior, which features aluminum with rounded corners complemented by circular windows.” – Kent Read and see more at Tiny […]

Nimble Nomad Project by Captain Mike

After completing a stationary small space project last December, “My small space made from recycled materials,” I had been looking at small 20 foot or less RVs and teardrop trailers. I didn’t want to spend more than five thousand dollars. In a late night Internet surfing session I found one online in Maryland that needed […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Reclaimed Materials

If you are limited in time or money, waiting for the right materials to show up can be a problem. If you live near several re-use facilities (dump, Re-Store, Thrift stores, etc) then your chances improve, but you still need the luxury of time to visit them regularly in search of the treasures you need. […]

Tiny Mountain Town – a Tiny House Made from Discarded Materials

Have you ever been the first at anything? This is my first “first”…I am the first person to live in this amazing tiny home in the Rocky Mountains. I have only been a resident of “tiny mountain town” for 3 weeks, but it has given my heart a tremendous sense of peace and I love […]

Retreat Communities with Tiny Living Accommodations

For the new year, I’m planning on taking some time away from the computer to contemplate the next few months, practice some yoga and do some quiet meditation. While searching around for a retreat location, I kept running into meditation retreats and centers that had some sweet tiny houses, yurts and cabins for rent. Each […]

Rent a Tiny Retreat in the Redwoods

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a tiny home, there’s nothing better than a real life experience to take things to the next level. Pepper Clark and Dylan Pankow of Bungalow to Go now offer a tangible way to get a feel for tiny spaces. Book a night or several in the tiny home […]

Mr. Cabin Affordable Mini Cabin

For anyone who has dreamed of having a real log cabin in the woods, but still wants to keep it small, Washington based Mr. Cabin, Inc. builds substantial and very affordable log cabins that stay under 200 square feet…” – Christina Continue reading at Tiny House Blog…

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