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Inside The Inaugural

A 160 square feet tiny house on wheels in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Designed and built by East Coast Tiny Homes.” – Tiny House Swoon

Inside the Muse Cabin

A remote, handcrafted 480 square feet cabin in Maine, United States. More info. here.” – Tiny House Swoon Read and see more at Tiny House Swoon

Rocky Mountain Tiny House

A 72 square feet tiny house on wheels in Denver, Colorado. More info. here.” – Tiny House Swoon


On March 5th, 2013, three warriors traveled to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to purchase a 1966 Flxible city transit bus with the intention of transforming the bus into a low-impact mobile unit that will travel the country and teach communities about sustainability, communication, and the power of love.” – Jaime via Tiny House Swoon

Gypsy Wagon In The Woods

A 160 square feet gypsy wagon made almost exclusively from reclaimed materials… see more…” – Tiny House Swoon

A Look Inside Big Mack – by Tiny Happy Homes

The 10th tiny house built by Tiny Happy Homes.” – Tiny House Swoon

Tiny Swiss Geodesic Dome

A super-small geodesic dome that you can crash in way up there in Switzerland.” – Tiny House Swoon

A Peek Inside Lydia’s Tiny House

Lydia’s tiny house that she lives in 8 months out of the year.” – Tiny House Swoon

Stone Thoreau Cabin Replica

A replica of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin with some nice stonework & slate roof – 10′x15′ windows are recycled from Yale demolition.” – Tiny House Swoon Read and see more at Tiny House Swoon…

Long Range Colorado Cabin

A 292 square feet cabin in Placerville, CO.” – Tiny House Swoon See more at Tiny House Swoon…

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