Alex’s Top 7 Tiny House Books for 2013

This year a lot has happened in the world of tiny houses including quite a bit of new books. In this post I wanted to share some of my new favorites with you along with some of the classics.

The Glorification of Busy-ness and Having Too Much Time on Our Hands

This past week I was at a small camping festival in rural Minnesota. The event featured several speakers throughout the week, including myself. I did two workshops. One was on beer and one was on tiny houses, two of my favorite subjects.

In my tiny house workshop I mentioned my problem with the way our culture has glorified the act of being busy. We aren’t socially allowed to have “too much time on our hands” or else we are judged by our peers or our community. I talked about how disturbing I find this trend and how slowing our lives down can create more satisfaction and peacefulness in our lives.

Contemporary Tiny House on a Trailer for $37,000

I like to always update you with tiny houses on sale that really catch my eye. This one in particular happens to be only 196 square feet and stands on a 24′ trailer. Asking price? $37,000. I think that’s a pretty good deal for what it is (see below). The seller of this little home is actually a furniture designer by trade and built the entire house himself with the help of his wife and family.

How to Work and Live Out of Your Tiny House

It seems to me like many of the people who are embracing the tiny lifestyle are those who are looking for a sense of freedom in their lives.
Many tiny house builders and dwellers are also entrepreneurs or otherwise self-employed. Those who work for other companies are doing so on a remote basis to be able to work from home and have a better work/life balance.

Simple Living in a Tiny Cabin on an Island

Have you ever dreamed of simple living in a tiny cabin?
If you prefer tiny houses on foundations instead of on trailers I think you’ll enjoy this.
From the outside it looks like it might just be a shed. But it’s a little more than just that.
The only thing it’s missing is an indoor bathroom. So I imagine there’s an outhouse nearby.