The Lovable Loo and other Alternative Toilets

I have twenty-five years of experience with alternative toilets, but have never looked seriously at the bucket and sawdust toilet as a viable alternative. In fact, re-reading Joe Jenkins’ Humanure Handbook after many years, I began to appreciate the logic and sophistication of this solution.” – Lloyd Alter for Treehugger

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215 Square Foot Off-Grid Concrete Solar Shelter

We realize this is not a house; but wouldn’t this 215 square foot concrete shell make a cool solar tiny house? See more at and ArchDaily.

The main structure has the shape of a tilted cube and this creates a covered entrance for the services and at the same time offers a perfect south exposition for the solar cells integrated in the main window. The toilet is 100 % energy self-sufficient.” – ArchDaily

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Ode to the Outhouse

Could an outhouse be in your future? I realize for most folks this isn’t a pleasant thought but with the right design & finish it might be a good option in some circumstances. Alternatives to outhouses are composting toilets and loveable loos. At the very least knowing what to do with the poo when the water doesn’t flow is a good thing to know.

“Outhouses work every simply: a seating area inside is open to a pit dug into the ground. When solid and liquid wastes are introduced to the pit, natural organisms in the soil, bacteria and insects consume nutrients in the waste material. This helps the waste decompose and form compost inside the pit. As long as the input of waste does not exceed the rate of decomposition, the material will be composted and will not contaminate any local groundwater. According to a Science Daily article written a few years ago, outhouses may be a more sanitary way of eliminating waste in developing countries rather than a installed flush toilet.”

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