Dylan Tours Jenna’s House – Jenna Tours Dylan’s Van

Jenna Spesard & Dylan Magaster have traveled all over North America interviewing folks that live alternative tiny lifestyles. In the two videos below they tour each other’s tiny living spaces.

Jenna lives in a tiny house that she’s traveled in for more than 25,000 miles. She’s currently living in Oregon but spends much of her time these days traveling the world. On her YouTube Channel you can find many (but not exclusively) Tiny House tours and interviews. Subscribe to Tiny House Giant Journey on YouTube.

Dylan lives in a van conversion. The van cost him $2,000 and the DIY conversion was just $3,500. So while his living space is not as comfortable as Jenna’s it gives him the freedom to travel and live the life her wants. On his channel you will find many (but not exclusively) VanLife tours and interviews. Subscribe to Dylan Magaster on YouTube.

Photo at top via Jenna’s interview with Dylan.

Deek Tours the Fiero by the Small Dwelling Company

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen tours the Fiero, a new tiny house design by The Small Dwelling Company while at the Tiny House Jamboree.

It has a lower level bed which is hidden behind sliding barn doors and a sleeping loft accessed by a staircase. It has a fully functional kitchen, laundry, and large bathroom. It even has a roof deck accessed by an exterior ladder.

For more tiny house tour videos subscribe to Deek’s Relaxshacks.com YouTube Channel. To learn more about this house visit the The Small Dwelling Company website. If you want to build your own tiny house consider taking one of Deek’s hand-on workshops.

Jenna Tours a Tiny House Built by and for Students

Jenna Spesard from Tiny House Giant Journey tours a tiny house in Pennsylvania that was built entirely by students and for students.

It was a collaborative project between students at Westminster College and Newcastle School of Trades. Now that the house is done it will be used for multiple functions including a dorm room.

Learn more about the Westminster College Tiny House on Facebook. For more great tiny house tour videos like this subscribe to Tiny House Giant Journey on Youtube.

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Wanderlust Tiny House

Patrick and Lauren got married in September of 2015, sold their 3-bedroom house, quit their jobs, and ordered a Tumbleweed Barn Raiser – a tiny house shell that the homeowner finishes themselves. They completed their house in quickly and hit the road.

Their plan is to tour the US and Canada in their tiny house for about six months. You can see a map of where they’ve been, where they are now, and their future stops on their website.

To follow their adventure online, subscribe to the Wanderlust Tiny House Youtube Channel and sign-up for email updates on the Wanderlust Tiny House website.

Cedric: The Tiny House with Two Sleeping Lofts

Located in the Auckland (New Zealand) suburb of Glen Eden, Cedric is a charming Tiny House who in a previous life was actually a house truck. The space has been wonderfully converted into a very functional living area with kitchen, bathroom and a lovely lounge.” – Living Big In A Tiny House

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