The Little Red Train Carriage

When I came across this old 1969 Queensland Rail workers van, it was lying in an overgrown field with the roof partially collapsed. A friend of mine had been hoping to live in it before a huge dead tree fell on it and halted her plans. I dragged the carriage – all 14 tonnes of it – out of the muddy paddock and moved it to a friend’s property where I worked on it for six months.” – Matthew de Boer via Small House Bliss

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A Restored Old Luggage Van Makes For A Cosy Retreat

An array of unusual and alternative retreats have been popping up over the last few years, with the vacation sector catering for those seeking a change from overcrowded resorts and hotels. One such company is Rail Holiday UK.Set in St. Germans, Cornwall, Rail Holiday UK offers visitors the opportunity to stay in one of their restored British passenger carriage cars.” – Humble Homes

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Full-Size Caboose Kits

David, one of my readers, sent me a link to Dogpatch and Western Railroad. They build a full-size caboose replica kits. While the idea of using a real retired caboose seems like a good idea, the logistics of transporting them to the building site can be cost prohibitive, which makes a kit like this very attractive. Thanks again David, great find!

Full-Size Caboose Kits