The Skysphere – a Treehouse with a Tree

The Skysphere is the creation of Jono Williams. It’s a treehouse without the tree. It stands on a hollow steel pipe which also doubles as the main access way – via a steel ladder.

Inside the living space you’ll find 360-degree views, some custom built-in furniture, and a queen size bed. There is no bathroom or kitchen in it’s current form.

Electricity comes from solar panels built into the ribs that help support the living space and give the shelter it’s spherical shape. It also has some extreme mood lighting and wireless sound system.

Except for the missing facilities, this looks like an amazing place to live or visit.  Learn more on the Skysphere website.


Tree House in Kauri Forest

The builder of these tree houses has been chipping away at their construction in his spare time over the last few years. They are a true DIY marvel. He estimates that he has so far spent around NZ$30,000 constructing these.” –  Living Big In A Tiny House

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Treehotel’s Cabin is a Unique Lofted Retreat

Treehotel in Sweden features a variety of treehouses, most of which aren’t exactly what you’d expect when you think of a treehouses; amazing designs kitted out with some of the most luxurious interiors we’ve seen.Called the Cabin, this “treeroom” was constructed on a steep hillside that overlooks the Lule River valley. The loft cabin can be accessed by walking across the horizontal bridge, which contains a large wood deck area at the front end. The bridge winds its way through the trees, creating an introductory walkway to the treehouse.” – Niall

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Lord of the Rings Style Treehouses

The Roost Treehouse is made up of a series of pod-like capsules, which are harnessed to each tree in a way that neither harms the tree or prevents it from growing. These capsules enclose a central staircase that leads to the top of the capsule where an outdoor platform expands high in the tree’s canopy. Each capsule’s outdoor platform connects to create an overall platform structure, which also gives added strength and stability to the design.” –  Inhabitat

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Contemporary Curved Timber Tree House in Devon

This exciting, remarkable, contemporary structure is described as a ‘tree house’, although not strictly so as it is entirely self supporting. A very challenging site – a very steep slope strewn with large granite boulders. Constructed from Douglas Fir and braced with complex web of steel cables. The large sliding doors face into the tree canopy.” – Carpenter Oak.

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