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Treehouses Hung Like Birdcages

The folks at faircompanies.com visit an amazing grouping of treehouses. “Emmanuel Grymonpré has invented a new style of treehouse. The shelters he’s built in trees overlooking the Spanish Pyrenees don’t rely on any ground support. Instead they’re suspended like birdcages over 20 feet in the air by simple cables.” via One-of-a-kind treehouses hung like birdcages […]

JK Rowling’s Treehouses

These look like very cool little round buildings – maybe good inspiration for more round tiny houses. “The Harry Potter author has recently received planning permission to build two – rather impressive – treehouses on stilts in the garden of her home in Edinburgh for her two young children.” Learn more at Shedworking: JK Rowling’s treehouses.

A Community of Treetop Homes in Costa Rica

Amazing photos of a treehouse village. “It’s one thing to build a treehouse for your kids, or to escape to a treehouse on an eco-vacation. It’s quite another to live in one full-time, in a residential community full of other treehouses, in the middle of a rainforest in Costa Rica! Finca Bellavista, named for the […]

Mirrored Tiny Treehouse

I’ve often thought that mirrored roofing would be great for keeping a house cool in hot weather but it never occurred to me that in a forest mirrors might actually camouflage a building. This is just a design concept so who knows how well this would work… but it definitely sparks the imagination. Mirrored Tiny […]

Dans mon arbre

Dans mon arbre is a treehouse company in Grenoble, France. Each treehouse they build is one of a kind and designed for each individual tree and client. I was really impressed with all the different designs they’ve come up with so far and the high level of craftmanship. The treehouse pictured here is especially cool […]