Dylan Tours Jenna’s House – Jenna Tours Dylan’s Van

Jenna Spesard & Dylan Magaster have traveled all over North America interviewing folks that live alternative tiny lifestyles. In the two videos below they tour each other’s tiny living spaces.

Jenna lives in a tiny house that she’s traveled in for more than 25,000 miles. She’s currently living in Oregon but spends much of her time these days traveling the world. On her YouTube Channel you can find many (but not exclusively) Tiny House tours and interviews. Subscribe to Tiny House Giant Journey on YouTube.

Dylan lives in a van conversion. The van cost him $2,000 and the DIY conversion was just $3,500. So while his living space is not as comfortable as Jenna’s it gives him the freedom to travel and live the life her wants. On his channel you will find many (but not exclusively) VanLife tours and interviews. Subscribe to Dylan Magaster on YouTube.

Photo at top via Jenna’s interview with Dylan.

Why You Should Make Your Life Tiny

Jordan & Kaylee built a bus-based tiny house in just two months and now they are touring North America. In this video they answer a read question and share five reasons you should make your life tiny. While Jordan & Kaylee went the van life route, much of their advice applies to any tiny life path.

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Professional Model leaves Beverly Hills to Live in a Van

Dylan Magaster shares an interview with Philippe LeBlond, a professional model who downsized to van life and isn’t looking back.

Beverly Hills didn’t make him happy, so he decided to leave the big house and move into the van and live a life of adventure. Philippe shares gives us a tour of his van and what he’s learned from 3 years of #VanLife in the video below.

Here’s one thing he says in the video:

“#VanLife makes you a millionaire, life-wise. Do it!” – Philippe LeBlond

I think the same can be said about tiny house life! In fact a van can be as much of a tiny house in my book.

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Oh and don’t miss out – follow Philippe on YouTube too. Below is a video from Philippe’s channel.

Below are some photos from Philippe’s Instagram.

Philippe at sunset.

Climbing, hiking, exploring. You make your own adventure.

Some sights can only be seen when you take to your feet. Hike on!

OK… who is his photographer? Nice one!

More napping.