Retired Virginia Minister Builds Traveling Wedding Chapel

A retired minister from Richmond, Virginia, has built a miniature chapel on wheels, which can accommodate up to 25 guests and deliver a full wedding package to your doorstep.” – Daily Mail Online

Read more about the Retired Virginia minister and his traveling chapel at Daily Mail Online. Photos by Bil Malbon from Tiny Chapel Weddings.

Arcadia Farm Cabin

We live west of the Blue Ridge in Virginia. My daughter and I built this cabin working when we could find time over a couple of years. We cut the trees off Purgatory Mt. and used mortar for the chinking. There’s a loft inside and now there’s a screen porch. We’ve hosted many great helpers from all over the world, where they stay in cabin and get farm fresh meals in exchange for their work on farm. Sophie was eight or so when we built the cabin; she’s now 15 and blogging for the farm; the blog links to our helper info.” – Tiny House Swoon

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