Tiny Studio Workshop in Spokane, Washington

I don’t know much about this tiny building from Spokane, Washington. It’s featured on the Real Carriage Doors website – for the doors.

Great tiny design though. I especially like the hip roof extension under the gable and over the entry, plus the shed dormer on the side. It appears to be about 14′ by 18′ or slightly smaller.

via Real Carriage Doors – Gallery of Carriage Doors.

500 Square Foot A-frame in Washington

Built in 1972, the steeply pitched A-frame is located in Granite Falls, Washington, northeast of Everett. There’s one bedroom, one bath, electric water heater, and free-standing wood stove. Canyon Creek is just a couple hundred yards away, and the Boulder River Wilderness and Mt. Pilchuck State Park are barely two miles as the crow flies.” – Steve Casimiro

See more of this A-frame here and here.

Living Room in the Bayside Bungalow

Hand-built by your host, Brittany, the “Bayside Bungalow” tiny house, is a micro-cottage on wheels located on rural waterfront property overlooking the Puget Sound, in Olympia, WA. The Bungalow is perched on a hill above a vintage log home, with peek-a-boo views of the Puget Sound, nestled between fruit trees and surrounded by a lush garden and tall fir trees.” – Brittany

See more of this Cozy & Quiet Tiny House on the Bay in Olympia.

Sun Ray Kelly – Hand Made Houses in Washington – Video

Sun Ray Kelly has been getting pretty popular in the last few years! He’s got a article in the New York Times and an episode of Cribs on MTV! His houses were pretty famous locally too while growing up in the Skagit Valley, North of Seattle but I never met the man. As high school kids we’d drive up the long gravel road to his property check out the “Wizard Houses” as we’d call them then speed away before anyone saw us.

A Tiny House on Wheels and 1.1 Acres For Sale

This looks like it might be a nice opportunity for someone.

“So here the Our tiny house sits in Sky Meadows, Cle Elum, WA.  We are waiting for the snow to come.  We have decide with a heavy heart that our tiny cabin and the property it sits will now be for sale.”

Read more about Ima RV – A Tiny House on Wheels: Tiny house and 1.1 acres for sale in Cle Elum, WA.


Building the Beekeeper’s Bungalow

Catch another small house construction story early in the process.

“We are currently building a small 680 square foot house in our small town of Point Roberts, Washington. The construction budget is $55,000. You can see the plans and join our blog or Pinterest boards for photo & video updates.”

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Hand-built Earthen House in Washington Woods

Now that’s sustainable! It’s an earthen home in Washington’s Independence Valley.

“The funky, individualistic two-story home was built by Gregory Crawford, who works at nearby Rising River Farm  — and travels during the farm’s off season (having no mortgage helps, no doubt). He gained permission to build there by asking the landowner…”

Read more at Lloyd’s Blog: Hand-built Earthen House in Washington Woods.


Earthen House Built by Hand

The folks at Peak Moment TV interview a fellow that’s built an earthen home in western Washington.

“Greg Crawford shows the magical wattle-and-cob house he built with hand tools using local materials: alder trees in the surrounding forest, and clay from what later became the house floor.”

Learn more about this Earthen House Built by Hand on YouTube.

Writer’s Haven

Incredible design and great idea for securing a cabin.

“Located on San Juan Island, Washington, the intention was to pull the writer into the solace and hum of nature and leave behind all distraction.

The cabin is glass walled with wooden slats that are raised by a hydraulic system. The slats can be pulled up at night, or raised for security when the occupant is away.”

Read more about this Writer’s Haven | Simple Humble.