Z Huis by Wishbone Tiny Homes

Z Huis – as seen on Tiny House Nation. Some clever features in this tiny house, like a rock wall to access 2nd loft, a sunken living space, a dog crate under stairs, a large custom shower, and full off-grid capabilities that includes 1 KW roof-mounted solar array and 4 6V, 420 AH batteries.

This tiny house was built by Wishbone Tiny Homes. They specialize in the design, construction, or DIY consultation of small spaces. They can help you build a tiny home, office, studio, investment property, or even a man cave or lady lair.

Learn more on the Wishbone Tiny Homes website.

Z Huis by Wishbone Tiny Homes Kitchen

Z Huis by Wishbone Tiny Homes Loft

Z Huis by Wishbone Tiny Homes Main Loft

Z Huis by Wishbone Tiny Homes Seating

Jaw Dropping Beauty – Wishbone Tiny Homes

Wishbone Tiny Homes is a family owned and operated NC General Contracting company focused on meeting the diverse needs of the next generation home buyer. Our mission is to make the dream of home ownership a reality for more people by handcrafting versatile dwellings on a scale that reflects the economic and environmental sensibilities of the next generation home buyer.” – Wishbone Tiny Homes

Learn more about About Wishbone Tiny Homes. The amazing photos are were taken by Chris Tack at the Tiny House Conference.

Incredible Detail & Craftsmanship! House by Wishbone Tiny Homes in North Carolina

Currently this father and son team are focused on building portable tiny homes ranging from 150 sq to 200 sq, but build larger, permanently fixed tiny homes up to 1000 sq as well. Prices for portable homes start around $25,000.” – Wishbone Tiny Homes

Learn more about Wishbone Tiny Homes. Photo credit to Christopher Tack, taken at the Tiny House Conference.