So… You Want to Build a Tiny House?

So… if you want to learn how to build a tiny house, you should really take a hands-on workshop. Books and videos are great, but when you get your hands dirty and actually build stuff… you’ll learn tons.

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen does some of the best workshops out there. Deek has a couple workshops scheduled right now:

  • California – JOSHUA TREE Tiny House Workshop 2018 – March 23-24-25- 2018
  • Stoughton/Boston, MA Green Building/Tiny House Workshop – Feb 17th/18th

The best part of Deek’s workshops is that it’s all about getting some hands-on experience. You won’t find yourself stuck in a conference room watching powerpoint presentations about tiny houses when you learn with Deek. You’ll find yourself out on a job site building stuff.

Learn more about his upcoming workshops.

Build Your Own Tiny House at an Incredible Tiny Homes Workshop

The 8′ x 16′ tiny house on wheels in the video below was recently completed during a hands-on workshop by the owner-builder. If this home were custom built it would have had a base price of $25,000 – but as a workshop build had a base price of $18,440.

That’s right, you can build your own tiny house in a workshop setting and save money. Learn more about Incredible Tiny Homes Workshops.

The video below explains how it works. Sounds like an amazing way to DIY your own tiny house.

By the way… go an subscribe to the Incredible Tiny Homes YouTube Channel. When they reach 100,000 followers they’re going to give away a tiny house to a subscriber. See their YouTube channel for details.

Tiny House Basics Workshop with Dee Williams in Portland, Oregon

Tiny house pioneer and Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD) founder Dee Williams is leading a tiny house workshop in Portland, Oregon on May 14-15, 2016, covering all the technical design and construction details you need to build your tiny house on wheels in a supportive and fun setting. PAD tiny house workshops are packed with fun, heart, and tons of technical information, and always include site visits to tour real tiny homes on wheels at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel. Guest specialist instructors like tiny house designer and builder Derin Williams from Shelter Wise round out the curriculum and give participants multiple experienced views on tough tiny house design considerations.

The workshop covers:

  • Tiny house building basics, including how to properly anchor a stick-built structure to a trailer.
  • Tiny house building science, including moisture control, ventilation, heating, and cooling.
  • Tiny house systems, including electrical, gas, and water systems.
  • Case studies of tiny houses and pocket neighborhoods
  • Cultivating home—the place and the people who make community.
  • Navigating codes, insurance, and regulations.

Register by April 30 to save $25 with early bird registration, or save $50 per person if you register early with a friend.

Thanks to Billy for this guest post!

Tumbleweed Tiny House Builder Bundle

I’m happy to announce a sale from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. They’ve put together a bundle deal that’s good until the end of the month.

The Builder Bundle Blitz will give you a free How-To DVD and free DIY Stair Plans when you purchase a Dream Big, Go Tiny workshop ticket. Notice that the workshop ticket has also been discounted from $399 to $279. This deal is on sale this month only and ends November 30, 2015.

Learn more about The Builder Bundle Blitz now.

5 Steps to Downsizing Your Life and Simplifying Your Stuff

You know that downsizing will allow you to save more money, live the life you want to live, and have the time and financial freedom to do what you want to do.

Maybe you’ve tried to “get organized” and “de-clutter” before. It probably felt pretty good…at first. But a few days later, your home looks the same as it did before… and the progress you’re making is slow-going. You’re stuck. You’re not sure why – because you’ve read the books and the blogs but nothing really works.

Well, today I can share five steps to help you let go, from my friend Mariah who teaches the Tiny Transition and Downsizing course. Registration is now open for the class that starts this Sunday November 1st!

And if you want to take it further and follow a step by step process and method (based on years of experience and working with hundreds of people to go through this transition), you can join the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course, taught by my friend Mariah.

Class starts on November 1st. You can register here!

Step 1. Why are you simplifying?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself WHY you’re simplifying your life and your stuff, and establish some real goals (physical, emotional) about what you hope to achieve. Do you want to travel more? Have a better marriage or family relationships? Find financial freedom and eliminate debt?

Whatever it may be for you (and it will be UNIQUE!) you need to know what it is before you start.

And then you need to write it down! This helps you make it REAL.

Step 2. Assess your Stuff

Once you’ve decided to simplify, you need to ask yourself a few simple questions”

“Does this bring me joy?”
“What do I want to keep?”
“Would I buy this again?”
“Would I wear it on a first date?”

One way to downsize is to ask yourself the question: “What should I keep?”.

It’s a more “additive” approach which is a little more fun than a “subtractive” approach which is asking the question “what should I get rid of”.

Imagine that you have a completely blank slate. You’re building a new life from the ground up and you only need to bring the things with you that you truly love. Isn’t that exciting?!

Step 3. Eliminate Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is when you become overwhelmed with making hundreds of tiny decisions about meaningless stuff that you become too exhausted to make bigger, important decisions. This is the reason that many successful people wear the same thing every day – they have more important decisions to make than to figure out what to wear every day.

Having too much stuff leads to decision fatigue. And when you’re trying to downsize and simplify, deciding if every single item you own should stay or go can be exhausting.

Here’s what to do about it:

  1. Have a simple outfit that you wear everyday. Eliminate the decisions around getting dressed, matching, all that stuff. I wear black jeans and a grey shirt. Easy.
  2. Make a big batch of food in the crock pot at the beginning of the week, then eat the same thing for lunch every day. I HATE deciding what to cook. I have more important things to do. I make a big batch of something on Sunday and eat it the rest of the week.

Now you don’t have to worry about this daily details, so you can focus on better things.

Step 4. Simplifying is social.

Trying to downsize on your own, without support or help, makes an already difficult thing so much more difficult.

Shopping is a social activity. Consumption is social. So why can’t we downsize in a social setting?

You need a community, a few friends, a support system. Without it, you’ll get so frustrated and bogged down. Most people quit at some place during their journey because without a support system, you have no one to cheer you on when you’re in the thick of it. Your house looks worse than it did before and you need to ask a friend over to help you. To tell you what clothes to get rid of.

I like the idea of starting a “consumers anonymous” monthly group that gets together and talks about simply living.

You can also join Tiny Transition and Downsizing where we have an incredible supportive group of people to cheer you on, lift you up, and answer all of your questions.

Not sure what to keep? Post a picture and the group will tell you.

Struggling to get rid of something you know you don’t want? Come into the forum and get the perspective of all of your peers.

Step 5: Remember that this is a PROCESS, not an EVENT.

8 weeks is just a start. You can make amazing progress in 8 weeks – but the main thing to remember is that simplifying becomes a new way of life. It’s a HABIT, it requires maintenance and mindfulness.

Some people take Tiny Transition and Downsizing for a year, making progress at their own pace. Some people start the course and have gotten rid of 90% of their belongings and moved into their tiny house in 7 weeks!

Everyone is different.

There is no “one” way to do this process. Everyone goes at their own pace, and everyone is in a different situation. It took me 2 years of downsizing actively to get to the point where I was happy with my stuff and my life.

Don’t get frustrated with yourself or your progress. It takes a long time.

You spent years and years accumulating stuff, it’s not going to disappear overnight.

Even just starting this process is more than what 99% of people attempt to do. Most people just stay in the sleep – work – buy crap – die cycle. You’re awesome for thinking about making a big change.

Mariah created the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course to give you the tools you need to let go of your stuff, let go of your emotional baggage and digital clutter, and create a new life with new habits and more happiness.

When you sign up for the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course, you get:

  • 8 weeks of downsizing lessons and challenges (it’s like Downsizing bootcamp!)
  • LIFETIME access to the private class forum
  • Accountability, support, motivation and camaraderie from me and your classmates
  • The tools you need to simplify your home, mind, and LIFE starting right now.

We go through everything from the WHY you have so much stuff and why it’s hard to downsize, HOW to happily get rid of your physical clutter and emotional baggage, how to downsize your expenses and digital life and more. All within a supportive group of other people on the same journey towards simplicity.

During the 8 weeks of the E-Course you will:

  1. Clear your space and mind of clutter, making room for what’s important to you
  2. Change your entire mindset and outlook on “stuff”, finally finding peace and focus
  3. Meet a group of soon-to-be lifelong friends who share your outlook and values and are on your same path towards simple living
  4. Get the motivation and support you need to make major life-changes for the better
  5. Make real, tangible steps to getting into a tinier, happier life

The next session of Tiny Transition and Downsizing begins on November 1st, and this is the last session of 2015!

Register now to save your spot in the class. Mariah is looking forward to welcoming new members into the community, and supporting you on this journey!

Learn to Build Your Tiny House from Dee Williams!

Tiny house designer, builder and pioneer Dee Williams from PAD Tiny Houses has been living in her tiny house on wheels for more than ten years, and has educated thousands about little house design, construction and living.

PAD’s upcoming “Tiny House Basics” Weekend Workshop on November 7-8th in Portland, Oregon will be the last one Dee teaches for 6-12 months, so this is your one chance to start the spring ready to build with this vital experience under your belt.

And this is the best time to register – early bird discounts end on Friday, October 24th, and you can save even more by registering with a friend.

>>Learn more and register for this tiny house workshop now.

Tiny House Basics is comprehensive but entry-level, introducing you to the unique design and building principles that apply to a house on wheels. In a mix of classroom-style learning and a tour of real tiny houses at the world-famous Caravan Tiny House Hotel, it covers:

  • Case studies of tiny houses and pocket neighborhoods.
  • Cultivating home—the place and the people who make community.
  • Navigating codes, insurance, and regulations.
  • Tiny house building basics, including how to properly anchor a stick-built structure to a trailer.
  • Tiny house building science, including moisture control, ventilation, heating, and cooling.
  • Tiny house systems, including electrical, gas, and water systems.

Dee created Tiny House Basics with an emphasis on the tips and education she wished she had when she built her house back in 2004. Attendees appreciate PAD’s emphasis not just on the nuts and bolts of construction, but on the bigger questions that tiny houses raise about how to design a home that truly suits your life.

Kate Goodnight, who blogs about her tiny house build at Najhaus, described how PAD’s workshop kickstarted her build in a post PAD wrote last year called “What’s the Value of a Tiny House Workshop?”:

“While there’s a ton of information online, the workshop was what I needed to understand how to safely secure the house to the trailer, how to build a rainscreen wall, and frame the house properly. I also learned where I could cut costs and when it is critical to buy new.

Tiny houses are getting a lot of attention these days, and you see people bending over backwards to figure out how they can live tiny and still have it all, squeezing a big house mentality and functionality into a tiny space. PAD takes an alternative approach, asking participants to wonder: what do you need to live, and what can you live without? Can you live with fewer things and find more meaning in your life?

Starting from this simple premise and designing your house around what you really need to be happy and fulfilled leads to a very different kind of house.”

To learn more or register for the workshop, visit PAD online!


Online Virtual Tiny House Workshop – October 17th & 18th, 2015

The only online Virtual Tiny House Workshop is back on October 17th and 18th, and it’s filling up fast!

The first Design / Build / Downsize virtual tiny house workshop was a big success – and after all the positive feedback, Dan and Mariah have decided to do a second one.

>>> Registration is now open, and you can see the full curriculum and sign up right here.

Tiny house dwellers, builders, and designers Mariah Pastell (tiny house and vintage camper expert and blogger from and Dan Louche (author of The Tiny House Design and Construction Guide, are going to be teaming up to teach the only Virtual Tiny House Workshop on October 17th and 18th!

Virtual tiny house workshop? How does that work?

Design / Build / Downsize is a two-day virtual tiny house workshop that includes 8 in-depth lessons and trainings, live group chat and discussion, and a live Q + A session with Mariah and Dan Louche, two tiny house experts!

You’ll get all of the info you need to start your tiny house project! These lessons and the Q & A Sessions are invaluable – to get personal advice, learn what mistakes you need to avoid, and hear from two experts about everything they’ve figured out from 6+ years doing this stuff!

Not to mention, they’ll show you how to save THOUSANDS on your tiny house build – and many of our workshop attendees say they feel like they’re getting the workshop for free because they are able to save so much money with the info we share.

The workshop includes 8 lessons on everything from choosing a trailer, designing your tiny home, building methods, and downsizing.

You can see the entire curriculum and register right here!

The workshop is the only virtual tiny house workshop – meaning they’re delivering these trainings and lessons live, but you can watch from anywhere in the world

“The workshop provided me with much of the info and resources I need to finally get started on this project. Very impressed with both Mariah and Dan as teachers.  Thanks so much for what you are doing and how you are doing it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about this entire process.” – John Silva

Mariah and Dan have been teaching hands-on tiny house workshops together for the past 3 years, and they knew that their workshops were only available to a limited number of people, both because of the cost, the travel expenses, and the limit on how many people they could host at one time.

They wanted to help more people in a way that was more affordable, and open to everyone no matter where you are.

So Dan and Mariah created the Tiny House Workshop that you can do from anywhere.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the Virtual Tiny House Workshop:

“I have learned so much from your workshop! Thanks so much for making this available online!” – Martha

“This was really informative and amazing ….so happy I did this!” – Shauna

“Mariah and Dan…Awesome course!!! Very detailed and informative, and I love the question, answer and discussion section for all our thoughts.” – Robin

“We had all our questions answered and you guys were both very informative. Also thank you for including the e-book and lifetime access to the videos. I know that when we get closer to physically building the tiny house we will re-watch portions of the workshops.” – Weston and Haley

During the workshop, they’re really getting into the nitty gritty technical details – like off-grid systems, building materials + techniques, design methods, choosing your trailer, sustainability, codes and laws, and more.

You can read about the entire curriculum and see all the details here >>>

Mark Your Calendars – Tiny House Fair October 10-12, 2014

Tiny house enthusiasts from around the country will gather in Texas this October at the second annual Tiny House Fair. Ideas and experiences will be shared in tiny house design and construction, sustainability, zoning, and tiny house community-building.” –

via Tiny House Fair October 10-12, 2014 – Learn more about the Tiny House Fair.

Tiny House Blog’s Brilliant Chair Workshop

April 5-6, 2014, Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 4pm. Not to late, a few more seats available. Join us for the first of our Tiny House Classes, a joint venture between Tiny House Blog, Northwest Woodworking Studio, and the Reclaimed Wood Blog. Presented at The Northwest Woodworking Studio, 1002 SE 8th Ave, Portland Oregon. In this two day workshop you will learn from Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski about furniture design and building techniques as we build The Brilliant Chair… continues…” – Kent