Recent Work by Abel Zyl at Zyl Vardos

Zyl Vardos The Pacifica Tiny House at Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel, in Portland, OR

Abel Zyl has been creating whimsical tiny structures since the beginning of the modern tiny house movement, and is a founding member of the American Tiny House Association. You can find all his work on the Zyl Vardos website. Below are recent photos that he posted on Instagram.  If you want one of his homes you’ll have to get in line – as you can imagine, his work is in high demand.

Abel Zyl
Zyl Vardos Dewdrop Tiny House
Zyl Vardos Fortune Cookie V2 Tiny House

The Fortune Cookie is one of his more recognizable designs. This one is new and improved.

Zyl Vardos Fortune Cookie V2 Tiny House

He’s known for his custom round windows.

Zyl Vardos Interior of the Fuchsia House


Zyl Vardos Kitchen in Moon Dragon Tiny House

Looks like a cozy home.

Zyl Vardos Stairs in The Ampersand House

Above: Stairs in the house pictured below.

Zyl Vardos The Ampersand House
Zyl Vardos The Bianca Caravan

A true bardo, love the curved walls. Love the Dutch door.

Zyl Vardos The Fuchsia House

Amazing woodwork above and below.

Zyl Vardos The Music House

If you want to experience a Zyl Vardos tiny house yourself, this one might still be at the The Caravan, Tiny House Hotel, in Portland, Oregon.

Zyl Vardos The Pacifica Tiny House at Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel, in Portland, OR


Zyl Vardos The Pinafore House

Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel

Abel Zyl, of Zyl Vardos, builds some of the most beautiful and whimsical tiny homes. The Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon is one of the best places to experience tiny house living. Pictured here is a great opportunity to give tiny house living a try in a custom hand built tiny home. They can even provide a wheelchair ramp for those that need it.

Lear more about the Pacific at the Tiny House Hotel website. Learn more about the wonderful and whimsical tiny homes built by Abel Zyl on the Zyl Vardos website. Photos by Jeffrey Freeman.


Moon Dragon by Zyl Vardos

Here’s another amazing hand built tiny house from Zyl Vardos. It’s called Moon Dragon and measures 24-feet long, 9-feet wide, and just over 13-feet tall. A

A handmade dutch door opens onto a wood filled home with high ceilings covered in cedar. A wood-burning stove keeps the house warm. Cork flooring and mahogany cabinetry and walls finish out the interior. The total floor space is 216 square feet.

In the bathroom, you’ll find a shower, sink, and composting toilet. The loft is large enough for a queen size bed up some alternating step stairs. To learn more about this tiny house visit Inhabitat and to learn more about the tiny house builder, visit the Zyl Vardos website.

Forbes Examines Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes

The tiny home craze, a movement centered on the countercultural idea that it’s better to live small than large, is taking a cue from the mega-mansion and embracing upscale amenities. From quality woods to granite countertops to sound systems and LED lights, tiny homes have moved beyond their sawdust toilet roots, with several companies offering scaled-down versions of luxury features. One company is even marketing a tiny hot tub.” – Erin Carlyle for Forbes

Read and see more about Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes at ForbesLife. Pictured here is a tiny home by Zyl Vardos.

Dreadnaught Darling

Here’s a beautiful tiny house built by Abel from Zyl Vardos. Photo by Scott Haydon.

“I love my tiny house.  If it was not for downsizing I would not be nearly as happy.  My business would not have had such an opportunity to grow.  I would not be in a community living situation that I absolutely adore. I would not have the opportunity to travel as much as I have.  I am incredibly blessed by the adventure that has come to pass living in a small space.”

Visit Dreadnaught Darling and read about A Story About Living Small.