Television Show Design Team to Finish Frontier Fortress in One Week

The following is a guest post from Jamie.

Major cable network TV show about tiny houses has just secured a partnership with Frontier Fortress, a pre-fab build company that has created an environmentally friendly home that has a 10’x12′ footprint with a 6’x14′ “mezzanine” lofted area and 3’x10′ deck on the second level. According to the builder, it is an ideal home for an individual or couple.

The estimated cost of this home is $25k. The house would be shipped to the buyer’s location and assembled by the builders. Our design team would take care of all of the finishing, both internal and external, in one week’s time, all of which would be documented by cameras for our show. Again, we should note that all of the finishing on the house will be well beyond the cost of the home itself and will significantly add to the value of the home. The homeowner will end up with a unique, fully functional, and extremely impressive tiny house.

Learn more about the Frontier Fortress Model 1…

If interested in building the home and would like to document the process on a major cable network, please email for more information!