The “Dome Lady” Tile House

Fully functional sculptural tiny house.

“Take one very creative and patient lady and millions of little pieces of tile and look what happens.  When my husband was in his 20′s he had the opportunity to help her with a few projects.  I especially love the planter women she made.  Someday I envision an outdoor bread oven shaped like one of these lovely ladies.”

via The “Dome Lady” Tile House | Homestead Style.

4 thoughts on “The “Dome Lady” Tile House”

  1. Karen Spencer

    Why don’t you ever show the pictures of the interiors of these tiny houses?

  2. Karen Wingrove

    I’m looking for a space for a tiny house (on wheels) in or near Albuquerque. Do you have info on a community? or land available? Please email me at Thanks!

    Karen Wingrove

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