The Field Lab – Update

John Wells at The Field Lab has been making slow steady progress on his greenhouse. His home is a tiny 8′ by 16′ tiny house specially built to survive the extreme heat the southwestern Texas desert can deliver. His greenhouse will be made from shipping containers with a roof of welded steel trusses. He’s doing all the work himself including raising the giant handmade steel trusses into place. Be sure to watch this video on YouTube that shows how he lifts one of the trusses into place.

The Field Lab

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  1. If you look at a map of Texas for Big Bend then you will find the area that he is in. There are both Big Bend National and State parks. His place is some where between them or north of between them. Not a nice place to live unless you love desserts. You have to know how to live in order to live in this kind of place.

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