The Garage by Graypants

Seattle-based design studio, Graypants, were responsible for the reconstruction of what was an old post-World War II garage into the bright, multifunctional space it is today. Simply called “The Garage”, the glass clad building can be found on the south-east island of Seattle, Vashon. The Garage is sited along the shore of the island, and takes advantage of its spectacular site by “opening up to the surroundings” – it features an all glass roof and walls. To minimise the amount of internal heat gain, the roof features timber louvre’s that help to filter out some of the incoming light.” – Niall

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1 thought on “The Garage by Graypants”

  1. TinkerSailorForagerSpy

    Love it. Makes me a bit homesick for the Salish Sea. But please, Vashon is its own island, a completely, and often rebelliously independent entity from Seattle. Not everything west of the Cascades falls under the coffee-scented fist of the Emerald City.

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