Incredible tiny house designs at THE small HOUSE CATALOG.

“My husband Shawn, a designer-drafter for THE small HOUSE CATALOG, and I currently live in about 200 square feet. We designed and built the house ourselves to live in as a builder’s cottage while we decided what and whether to build on our lot. Far from being too cramped or oppressive, this has been the best experience! We’ve met just about all our neighbors (and maybe even our whole town). We never would have met so many people here otherwise. We’ve even become a landmark…”turn left just after that cute little orange house” is apparently a commonly offered direction!”

See the tiny house designs at THE small HOUSE CATALOG.


4 thoughts on “THE small HOUSE CATALOG”

  1. is saying that is a phishing site and blocked it.

  2. I’m writing from THE small HOUSE CATALOG.

    The ‘phishing’ issue has been resolved (removed) by our host. However, I’m unsure how long it takes such information to flow down the internet to anti-virus software, etc.

    Thank you especially for sharing our little house and website! Your website continues to be an inspiration.

    Shawn Dehner

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