This Shipping Container Home is Simple, Practical, & Inexpensive 

This 20 dwelling is fully adaptable to any degree of the spectrum between totally on-the-grid and totally off-the-grid. It integrates a full bathroom with shower, kitchenette, and queen-sized bed into 155 sq. ft. with electricity, hot water, insulation and plumbing. We kept it intermodal, being able to be moved by truck, train, ship, or towed on a trailer (a tiny home). Our prototype for this design was completed in early 2015, and it will be available to rent via Airbnb in the coming months. A fully finished version of this design starts at $25K, depending on building materials, components, appliances, etc.” – SW Living Spaces

Read and see more of this 20′ Shipping Container Dwelling at SW Living Spaces. We’ll report back when this home is available to rent via AirBNB.

6 thoughts on “This Shipping Container Home is Simple, Practical, & Inexpensive ”

  1. It’s a cool house, but I do not go for the plywood look, especially with so few windows. I have to have light! Otherwise, it’s a nice layout and plan.

  2. Larry St Croix

    Underwhelmed, especially by the tangle of wiring together with an exposed gas cylinder in the ‘kitchen’. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. Hi Marsha,
    I agree with you, that it does need more light. When we build our next 20′ dwelling, there will be another large window in the living space. Natural light makes all the difference in the world. It is, of course, best with the cargo doors open.
    Larry, I understand your concerns with the electric. Most of the wires were for lamps for when we did the photoshoot to lighten the interior (the sun was going down). All the actual hard wiring is higher gauge than required by code, as are the branch circuit breakers. The outlets near the kitchen and bathroom sink are GFCI protected, and all the materials we used are approved for residential. I’ve been a marine electrician for years, working around dangerous equipment on ships, and I assure you I take electrical safety seriously.
    The gas cylinder was inside just for testing, and you’re completely right, it does need to be located outside for actual occupation.

    1. I am guessing you are not in the NE region of the country.. but if by chance you are – I manage a high end lumber yard that stocks a large variety of plywood products. I would love to help you with you next project, or connect you with someone in your area that would be as excited as I am about something like this. Please feel free to contact me, and I will do anything I can to help. I love the project. 207.752.3462

  4. A different choice in ply would have made a world of difference. I am sure you were aiming at a price point.. but for a small amount more this home could look luxurious.

  5. Crispin,
    Thanks so much for the enthusiasm! I’d love to get in contact soon and discuss some ideas.
    If you’d like, you can email me your contact info at, and we can email, or I can give you a call sometime in the next week or two.
    Either way, I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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