Timber Frame FabCab Kit House

FabCab utilizes a machine milled and pre-cut timber-frame structure which can be sent as a kit of parts (including the frame, wall panels, doors, windows, siding, as well as finishes and fixtures) to a customer’s building site, and erected / built by a licensed contractor. The noticeable quality of timber-frame construction sets these cabins apart from other kits and pre-fabricated structures on the market.” – Kent

See more of the Timber Frame FabCab.

23 thoughts on “Timber Frame FabCab Kit House”

  1. Gloria E Garcia

    Would like to know what company sells this and the price range. I like this a lot!

    1. It ‘s 165K just for the kit! then have it built?? so how much is that for a tiny house? I love that companies are catering to the tiny house demand however, the REASON for the demand is funds-lack thereof….we need to do this for 30K or under and there aren’t many options if you do not have building skills yourself. One option is to learn-which I am willing….however, then it will take me two more years to get it done and that is two more years of me paying 20K a year for my current home. I think the tiny/green housing ppl are trying to escape the overpriced housing market. I would love to find a company that doesn’t add to that -rather gives some options in the 30-40K range.

      1. I agree, too much to spend on a small cabin. I share projects like this from time to time because I like the design. There might be things there that people will want to emulate.

  2. These are not merely tiny houses…they are big on “Home Sweet Home” feelings!!

  3. mike strickland

    i want this!!!!!!!!! it is AWESOME. i drew one very similiar the other day!!!!

  4. I am interested in receiving more information on the Timber Frame FabCab Kit House

  5. Im a contractor on the midwest, and I am interested in becoming a dealer of your homes and possibly even interested in setting the homes. I live near the Iowa , Cedar and Mississippi rivers. I can forsee a large demand for this style of cabin and or vacation home! Looking forward to hearing from someone onthe matter!

    1. Rob, this isn’t the website for the developers. They are FabCab and you could probably contact them about it through their website.

  6. dean slauenwhite

    would like some prices on this frame built home if possible.. like the looks of this one..

  7. Hilda Gascard

    A very well designed yet functional house. I could live in it and feel completely at home.

  8. It had this posted on the above link: “Ranging in size from 300-1800 square feet. My favorite is the 550 square foot model featured in the photos of this post. FabCab just placed their first home in Brewster, Washington and Maura shared a few of the photos of the completed home with us. To learn more visit the FabCab website and if you live in the area stop by and visit them and share your thoughts with me. Although not listed on the website, I found a price on the Press Kit brochure they sent me for the 1 Bedroom 550 s.f.: Exterior Package $48,500 and Interior Package $33,000.”

  9. Pat Phillips

    Great little house. I would love more information about construction and prices on the TimberFrameFab house!

  10. John D. Bryan

    I’m very impressed with the quality of your spaces, the light, and the efficiency. Looking forward to hearing from someone.

  11. Michael joynt

    Is there a place to see this house in California? Or a trade show to see it.

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