Tiny Cottages in Iceland

On my way back from Copenhagen, I stayed for a few days in cold and dark Iceland. This fascinating and stark island in the North Atlantic is fast becoming one of the top places to visit in Europe — with or without Eyjafjallajökull blowing it’s top. Reykjavik is stylish and easy to get around in and the rest of the country is a mix of mountains, seaside, towering cliffs and, of course, hot springs like the famous Blue Lagoon. It’s interesting how the Icelandic tourism industry has turned this essentially inhospitable land into a place that is comfortable to stay…” – Christina

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  1. Lise Coppinger

    I am finding it frustrating to not be able to get more information about these postings. No links to get more information like floor plans, or in this case – how to find these cabins if we wanted to stay there.

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