Tiny Hall House

“While there are quite a few tempting “turn-key” tiny homes available to order right now, there’s just something about a super personalized owner-built home that’s extra thrilling to see. Case in point: this 160-square-foot “Tiny Hall House” (“Hall” being the owners’ surname) in Massachusetts, which was built for under $30K over six months and houses three people.” – Yahoo News

Photos via Tiny Hall House website.

Tiny Hall House Interior Front Door Tiny Hall House Interior Kitchen Tiny Hall House Interior Bathroom

One thought on “Tiny Hall House

  1. Eroca Brawne says:

    Nice, it looks bright and well thought out on the inside. The black doors and window frames contrast nicely with the siding. How big is the loft area to accommodate three people? I would love to see more interior pictures.
    Well done!

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