4 thoughts on “Tiny Heirloom 2”

  1. Interesting concept. Enjoyed the clean lines and that everything is purposeful.

  2. This is a very young(2014) New company with very slick marketing & highly staged model shots of homes with mostly white washed interiors that have never been lived in. Their FAQ wrongly states – “We are the very first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer in the US. we can honestly and confidently call the best and most quality tiny home in the world.” As a new company with a number of very young people who they say has a combined build experience of only 10 yrs that is quite a bold incorrect statement to say that they are “the very first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer in the US” when there have been a number of tiny house builders going back way before any of them ever did any building & even before they were born! Their tiny houses Are Not Luxury builds any more than the top models of older more experienced tiny house builders are “Luxury”. And every builder customizes their build so to claim anything special about that is not being honest about their builds. – They steer you towards very expensive high markup extras in order to push the overpriced cost above $80,000+.

    Their is no list of the materials & specifications of the trailers & tiny house which is very curious because almost every other established builders site has those. For a tiny house at the very highest overpriced level you would expect there to be No OSB, No MDF, No Particle Board fillers, No Fiberglas insulation, Real Wood Finishes on walls & cabinets Not painted over cheap white wash over. Very Disappointing lack of information & transparency especially given how very much money they are asking which is extremely high compared to other reputable builders. – Caveat Emptor!(Buyer Beware)

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