A Tiny House Design by Malissa Tack

Yesterday I had a dream, of a space and I really wanted to get it out of my head on in 3D, so this is what I came up with. I went right to work the moment I woke up and put the final touches on it today with the renders.” – Malissa Tack

See more of Malissa’s 3D Renders at The Tiny Tack House

9 thoughts on “A Tiny House Design by Malissa Tack

  1. Peggy Williams says:

    Finally I can see what the tiny house looks like with furniture in it. I look at the plans and think ……. What….. Where….. and this shows me the possibilities. Thank You so much. It’s wonderful. It puts it all into perspective. I hope you do more or that I can find more that you have done. I’m wanting to build several as cabins for our family property.

  2. Lee says:

    is that a shower in the bath room or a hot water tank?
    a tankless water heater could fit above the washing machine.
    love the open space around the wood burner.

  3. Robert says:

    I love, so live the floor plan. This is genious. I believe this is we’re the world or at least some of us are going for housings. I come to the real mess that is all about simplicity in my life. And to actually own something.

  4. Bryan Matthews says:

    I have been in the construction bussiness for some years now and have been looking at these places as a bussiness. This is by far the coolest looking one I have come across to date.

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