Tiny House from The Millenial Lab at Harvard

And now there is the Millenial Housing Lab looking at the problems they face. Founded by Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School and Harvard Design School students it is looking at the problems of housing a generation without stability.

Their first project is a look at the Tiny House. “The idea: build tiny houses, place them on beautiful rural land and rent them by the night to city folks looking to escape the digital grind and test-drive tiny house living.”” – Treehugger

Source: The Millenial Lab at Harvard builds a Tiny House

2 thoughts on “Tiny House from The Millenial Lab at Harvard”

  1. Nice house! Is there a bathroom? I l ike the way the bunk type bed areas were done, but there is no real “let sown” living area except to sit on the bed or at the table. After living in three tiny spaces, I can tell you that having that couch to sit on and a place to lean back is very important especially in the evenings when one is winding down. Love the kitchen. Saw a lot of firewood. . . Is there a fire place? All that wood stacked so close under the house is asking for bug problems, but the way, and don’t think that tiny houses (or tiny buses) can’t get nesting ants in them. My tiny bus had been sitting for several monthes in the tall grass right next to trees, and so I had to get the nesting ants out of the walls before I could work on it. Otherwise, a really nice house this.

  2. With all that credential I would expect more in terms of integration and sensitivity to regional sustainable design features, solar configuration for example considered into the design, basic 101 stuff, rain water capture, on and on. Function informs form. This is more of a business plan than an inspiring design. Sorry, a little disappointing.

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