Tiny House Lumbec

Over the next two months, Lumbec will document the construction of our first Tiny House.  Each step will be recorded, from the design to the final stage of construction, all for the benefit of the tiny house community. We hope to inspire and educate those interested in constructing their own tiny home.” – Tiny House Lumbec

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7 thoughts on “Tiny House Lumbec”

  1. Cool! The plans look great. I like the space under the ladder. Keep us posted!

  2. When you finish this one, I have a suggestion for another one. The elderly would not be able to climb the ladder for bed. However a few steps are OK. That said, can you raise the kitchen a few feet, and then “somehow” put the bed to “roll out” from under a part of the kitchen to sleep, then push it back to hide it? Maybe part of the “foot area” could be part of the couch?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Martin Bisson for Lumbec

        For the bed, we are planning to use a sofa bed mechanism. We are finalizing a detailed plan with picture. We will keep you posted. You can suscribe to our mailing list from the website.

  3. Good morning everyone,

    Thanks for taking time to leave comments.

    As for an update, we are expected to receive our trailer middle of next week. We will then start our walls. Our windows have been ordered and are expected also early next week.

    For the bed, this is a 16′ model. Imagine what we wil be able to do with an extra 8′ of space. In any case, one thing that does not show from our plans is the fact that the sitting area is a sofa bed !!! We will make sure to show it on our next render.

    Thanks again for the comments. We will make sure to put picture on the net very shortly !

  4. I am thinking about coach house or tiny house living but would like to rent one first for a year or more. Where is the best place to find owners who have something like this to rent? Thanks. T. Melnyk

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