Tiny House Oregon Building Codes Approved

Despite safety concern from officials, house lawmakers passed building codes for tiny houses on Tuesday. House Bill 2737 passed 43-16 and is now heading to the Oregon Senate for consideration. The bill would require the Oregon State Department of Consumer and Business Services to adopt building codes for prefab & site-built homes that are under 400 square feet. Yeah!

The safety concerns center found fire dangers and how in a small space occupants may become incapacitated before alarms sound. Read more about this story at OregonLive. Photo via Square One Villages – a proponent of this new legislation.

3 thoughts on “Tiny House Oregon Building Codes Approved

  1. Jeannie M Hix says:

    Moving the tiny houses; because of various reasons moving a tiny house might need to be employed and deconstruction of moving a tiny house and the damage in the move of the tiny house can be costly.
    Tiny houses should be constructed so they can be moved to another location or stored and then reconstructed keeping the integrity of the construction….
    Wish you luck on the wonderful thoughts of trying to help others, in the desire to help try not to be sophomoric, but employ depth of thought of use, and why the use is needed. This current problem of homelessness and the need for extreme low cost housing maybe last as long as couple of generations…

    • Mike says:

      I dont understand this comment. Some tiny houses are intended to be moved and others are not. Also, why are we randomly talking about homeless people. Honelesness doesnt really have anything to do with this post. I make a substantial income and chose to live in a tiny house because i want to, not because I have no orger options. While Id love for homeless people to have any house, I dont know why this always comes up with tiny homes specificaly, A majority of chronic homeless people have disabilities or mental health conditions that prevent them from finding employment. Tiny house dies not actually solve this problem.

  2. UltraSpace Design says:

    Mike> Jeannie’s comment, while disjointed, was referencing the city of Portland (Or.) tiny house village, not tiny houses in general. The village situation was created to address the growing homeless situation in Portland. Portland and Oregon attract more then their share of homeless people because of city and state services supporting the homeless.

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