Tiny House Women Took Their Eco-Friendly Business On The Road

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen visits with China Rose and AJ Zamora and gets the complete tour of their unique gypsy wagon inspired tiny home. It’s a live-work space where they also run their business, China Rose Wellness.

One of the best space saving features I’ve seen in a tiny house is their floating bed. It lowers from the ceiling via a tow winch motor, pulleys, and cables. The slanted walls help support the bed when its lowered at night for sleep.

In the bathroom is a composting toilet, laundry machine, bathtub and a sink that shares the tubs faucet and folds into bathtub space when the tub is not in use. Great space saving idea!

In their previous they developed some health issues due to mold, so in their tiny home’s construction they used tons of natural materials and low VOC sealants.

For more great tiny house tours like this follow Deek on YouTube. To learn more about China Rose and AJ Zamora visit China Rose Wellness.

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