Tiny House Zoning Success Story

Here’s a great story about some folks in Washington state getting approval for a tiny house community by showing their local planning department how multiple small homes are not really much different from an apartment complex in terms of units-per-acre and square-feet-per-unit. When a property is zoned multi-family a community of tiny houses can be possible without changing the rules.

Tiny House Zoning Success Story

2 thoughts on “Tiny House Zoning Success Story”

  1. This is what happens when house lust (no matter what size) and profiteering trumps the nature of the site. What a shame! “Cute” does not equal “good” in my book unless it’s a good example of what NOT to do. Houses planned from the outside in totally isolated from the characteristics of the site; orientation, privacy or view. Looks like an ad for the asphalt salesman! I’m surprised to find this here at Tiny House Living! Rich

    1. Hi Rich,

      My hope in spreading the news of this kind of story is that it shows how folks can work within the system and show planning departments, lenders, and insurance companies that small can be great additions to their community and low risk lending opportunities. This particular project isn’t what I’d call ideal (as you pint out) but I do think it paves the way for others.


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