Tiny Houses Aren’t the Fad – McMansions Are the Fad

This is an older video but a good one. Stephen Marshall explains some of the tiny house loopholes and how to work with & around zoning rules. In the video Stephan quotes me (at 4:40) from a radio talk interview we did together where I said something to the effect that Tiny houses aren’t the fad – McMansions are the fad. It seems that current housing market trends continue to support this statement. Downsizing is up, McMansions down.

Here’s more about Stephen and this video:

“People who live in wee homes now have their own movement. It’s a bit of a media event, but it’s not a fad, argues tiny home builder Stephen Marshall (of Little House on a Trailer). While his 112 square foot caregiver cottage makes great press, he argues the perfect tiny home is 400 sq ft. For most of those in the movement, McMansions have no appeal tiny homes are human-sized.”

See the video on YouTube: The human scale of tiny homes & McMansions as fad


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  1. Katherine Helmey

    Trying to learn more about alternative, off the grid, cooperative living alternatives.

  2. is it possible to discuss building a new home with someone? what is your phone number, address?

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