A Tiny Range for A Tiny House

We cook a lot, so our consumption of gas for cooking fuel is and, without an alternative, will continue to be substantial.  While our tiny woodstove will allow us to relieve ourselves of the “need” for natural gas heating, which here in Burlington is the norm given our connection to a major supply line that comes from far away Alberta, Canada enroute to New York City, another recent find will allow us to eliminate our use of natural gas, propane and electricity for cooking. Enter the Swedish-designed and EU manufactured Origo 6000 Alcohol Range.  Designed primarily for marine applications, this range is specially designed to burn various forms of alcohol.” – Kai

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2 thoughts on “A Tiny Range for A Tiny House”

  1. you should see about a glass top one for fire safety reasons anyway they are runned by solar power energy all you need is a generator for backup power.

  2. Totally cool. I’d rather cook on the woodstove, but that has real challenges in a modern dwelling.

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