Tiny Vacation Home by Hristina Hristova

Customized to their needs with a pop-up canopy and fold-down stoop, this tiny vacation home on wheels helps one young family avoid both the crowds and the high prices of seaside resorts. Bulgarian designer Hristina Hristova built a narrow, lightweight structure on top of a trailer base, limiting it to nine feet wide so it’s still street-legal.” – Dornob

Read all about this Handmade Getaway on Wheels at DornobSee more on Hristina Hristova’s Website.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Vacation Home by Hristina Hristova”

  1. Please help to find the type of couch/fold out bed that you have in your home. I have searched the internet and have not found one that will work for our tiny home design. Yours is what I have been looking for. Thank you!

  2. Living in 1 15×14 room is a new experience.
    Coming from a 2 Br/b home.
    Everything Is in the room accept a kitchen.
    That is a good reason for me to consider purchasing a tiny house. I love tiny living. The stress well their is none. Tiny house community please keep me posted.
    I am looking at the macro style homes any ideas would be appreciated. Oh yes an area for office too.
    Thank tiny house community.

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