Tiny Yurt Living in Northern Minnesota

Grace Brogan and John Kamman live in a yurt. It’s a squat round structure with lattice walls, a dome skylight and a few layers of canvas over the whole thing — think of a tent with stiff walls. Tents are great in the summer, but this is winter. In northern Minnesota.” – Minnesota Public Radio News

Read the whole story… Even in the frozen North, a yurt’s so good at Minnesota Public Radio News. Thanks again to Ben for sending this story my way!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Yurt Living in Northern Minnesota”

  1. Jedidiah Wiebe

    Hey yurt friends Grace and John! I really like the looks of your setup! If you’re ever in Canada (Salmon Arm BC) please come visit us in our yurt and we can become yurtfriends and exchange ideas and tips!

    1. Grace, John, Jedidiah- Living in the round, there should be a yurt surfing network, like couchsurfing. Visit us in rumney,NH if you’re traveling through!

  2. Marsha Cowan

    What an absolutely beautiful place! It looks so warm and comfy. Love the cabinets, and I have to say, I totally admire your dedication to living the way you do. It takes grit, and you sure have it! Be safe! Be warm! Enjoy the ride!

    1. What did the Mongolian nomad say when his horse stepped on his foot?

      Ow, I’ve yurt my foot.

  3. My boyfriend and I live just a few hours North of you in MB. We live in a tiny electricty/ insulated home of 120 Sq. Feet with a sleeping loft. Just us and our dog. We also have no running water and use similar outhouse & washing facilities. We enjoy that the house cost only 10 grand also no only took me, one woman with little prior experience 3 months to build. It isn’t the life for everyone, but you would be surprised what you can become comfortable with. It beats the mortgage and gives us also comfortable position to start version 2.

  4. Robert Peeler

    Looks like the ones that are made in Homer AK.
    They have built 50ft diameter ones according to one guy that worked in there shop.

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