Totally Tubular Arctic Dream House by Richard Carbonnier

His new home includes two bedrooms (one tube each) and a living area. The kitchen lies where the three cylinders converge, and is well lit by a skylight. A compact wood pellet stove will be his main heating source. All his materials cost him about $60,000, and he reckons his design could be built for just over $200,000 if anyone wanted to replicate it.” – Jasmine Budak

House designed and built by Architect Richard Carbonnier. Read more about this Arctic Dream House: A Totally Tubular Design by Jasmine Budak. See some construction photos at OpenBuildings. Photo by Mike Anderson via Cabin Porn™.

5 thoughts on “Totally Tubular Arctic Dream House by Richard Carbonnier

  1. Linda Pond says:

    Thank you for all this fantastic information.

    Please help me find a Tiny House to rent for the weekend! I live in the Ottawa area, and want to test-drive the Tiny House life style.

    I need to love it before I invest.

    If you know of any Tiny Houses I can rent, please let me know.

    Linda Pond

  2. Larry St Croix says:

    Very interesting, but, “When finished, the building will be a two-bedroom, 1,100 square foot home,” what is tiny about that?

  3. krisxx says:

    No inside pictures? Did I miss a place to click? When I got interested in alternative housing I was looking for small and cheap, hard to find those types

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