Train Car Transformed into Tiny House

Weighing in at around 15 tons or so, but typically only 10 by 30 feet, old cabooses are massive marvels no long made by the rail industry. But if you want a ready-made, weather-resistant and flood-water-lofted house, there are much less adorable places to start your search.” – Dornob.

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3 thoughts on “Train Car Transformed into Tiny House”

  1. u link two to ta three of them train cars end ta end and bam you got a sweet kickin home that`ll be round a long time and will weather sum bad storm so yea recycled train cars are kewl idea if u can afford to remodel them wire n plumbing them then having a crane at your bec n call to help trans port them to your site … good bit hunk of change if u got it go for it i say …..

  2. I wish to follow your posts, but…

    Your web page layout is not responsive and does not work well on mobile devices.

    Plus, it is always difficult to locate the link to the real, complete article.
    Plus the inline ads (in this instance it was “DVD Your Memories” are more-or-less indistinguishable from the article, making reading even more difficult.

    1. The theme I’m currently using is a standard WordPress theme, TwentyThirteen… and a responsive html5/css3 theme.

      I always link to articles, right after the quote.

      I do not use inline links like Kontera.

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