Two Crafty Ladies Call an Abandoned Bus Home

“The Country of Israel has been called the Start Up Nation, mostly because of the high tech innovation that is produced there but also for the ingenuity of its citizens. Two women got so sick of paying outrageously high rents, that they decided a better way to go would be to buy and renovate an old, abandoned city bus. There was no word regarding how much the bus was purchased for, nor the investment amount in renovations but the transformation is pretty remarkable.” – Two Crafty Ladies Call an Abandoned Bus Home.

6 thoughts on “Two Crafty Ladies Call an Abandoned Bus Home”

  1. This is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I would love to live in something like this. Beautiful.

  2. Absolutely delightful! Single women in many cases have to think outside the box of rent to prosper and have more funds to live life outloud again!

    Bravo ladies ! Well Done!

  3. The idea of cheaper livingspace gives more freedom to do other things in your life. These and other photos make me change my mind from buying a truck, I now what to renovate a bus instead

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