Two Shipping Containers Turned into a Small House

If you’re like me you don’t just like tiny houses.
I happen to like all sorts of unique shelters in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

28 thoughts on “Two Shipping Containers Turned into a Small House”

    1. You could try following the links (the one above leads to another)… there’s a whole bunch of photos and infos.

  1. Shping conts as houses don’t work wll: the paint is toxic, space is nrrow, cutting holes weakens the walls, floors toxic

  2. Daniel J McGuire

    I question the thermal conductive properties of the metal. Hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

  3. Jason A. Watts

    Most containers have r14 walls. The refrigerated ones are like r28.

  4. My partner just looked at this over my shoulder – saw this and said this is a Tiny House she’d like to live in; us, our daughter & our dog.

  5. I love this. I want to know the cost. This cant be over 70k complete.

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