viVood – Prefab Tiny in a Day

…comprised of prefabricated parts that are easily assembled on arrival. This factor helps optimise transportation, making it possible to carry at least several viVood rooms in one truck.” – viVood

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3 thoughts on “viVood – Prefab Tiny in a Day”

  1. Offers like this would be so nice but they always seem to be for the uppity middle class to play around with. HA-HA!

  2. This is lovely, and I like the idea of pre-fab and easy assemble. The only thing is, where is the kitchen? Just add one of those, and this could be a perfect, complete, tiny home.

  3. I like how there is a breakfast in bed tray but no kitchen to make the breakfast.
    I agree with Shirley that these are upper middle class playthings.

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