What Living “Off-The-Grid” Is NOT!

What living off-the-grid is not, is not living like you are in a power outage. It’s not like what people went through during Katrina. Living the way we do with our own alternative energy system seems no different from anyone else’s home to me. It is not what many people imagine it to be. One thing I have learned since being on Facebook is, that people who live on the grid, think our life living off-the-grid, is like having a power outage for a period of time. Or going camping. …Continues

1 thought on “What Living “Off-The-Grid” Is NOT!”

  1. I know it. People are shocked when I tell them Iv’e got no electric bill. I mean like it just astounds them. They don’t know what to say. Yes there are up front cost but it sure beats dealing with the power company. and they know this is coming down the road. And the more people that get off the grid the more the power co squeals like a pig.I love it.

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